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Introduction: The activities of prevention, care, and rehabilitation in medicine involve all health professionals directly or indirectly interested in this field. Knowledge in gender physiology, in risk factors pathophysiology, and their pharmacological and nonpharmacological control, is based on research; pre-clinical and clinical activities, carried out on single cohorts of subjects, men and women, are often conducted without taking into consideration gender differences which may affect the results of said research and the consequent medical activities related to diagnosis, prevention, care, and rehabilitation. Improving the knowledge of gender differences will involve better management of public health from an organizational and clinical point of view, with benefits for the entire community.

Article 1 – Definition: The Association named European Society of Gender Health and Medicine (ESGHM) has been established. It is a nonprofit, apolitical, and non-governmental association. The European Society of Gender Health and Medicine does not participate in commercial or business activities, with the exception of educational and training activities.

Article 2 – Premises: The Association has its premises in Milan. The Board of Directors has the power to create and eliminate other secondary premises, offices, and agencies elsewhere.

Article 3 – Duration: The Association’s duration is unlimited.

Article 4 – Objectives: The objectives of the Association, all related to the field of prevention and care, are:

  • to link all scientists and physicians practicing in the field of prevention, primary and secondary care, and rehabilitation, by focusing on the biological, physiological, and pathological differences between women and men;
  • to support researchers, medical doctors, institutions, and individuals in identifying healthcare issues and protecting the health of both women and men;
  • to improve the knowledge, professional updating and training of experts in gender medicine; to facilitate the development of bodies/organizations devoted to the implementation of gender prevention, diagnosis, and medicine.
  • to promote the inclusion of gender perspectives in public and governmental programs in order to provide physicians, at a national level, with the necessary professional updates, and to endorse the inclusion of experts in gender medicine in gender medicine centres of excellence;
  • to develop alliances with research centres, scientific societies, hospitals, and academia;
  • to achieve a more personalized level of medicine;
  • to educate the public on gender differences in healthcare needs;
  • to facilitate the exchange of scientific information and scientific and technical documents useful to professionals involved in gender medicine;
  • to promote the preparation of guidelines, reference standards, political and operative actions, focusing on gender differences, with the aim of improving the management of prevention, care, and rehabilitation;
  • to promote directly or indirectly scientific research in the field of gender medicine through the cooperation with national or international, governmental, regional, provincial, and local institutions, institutes, foundations, public, and private organizations;
  • to collaborate with other national and international associations, public and private Institutions, and scientific societies to improve research, disseminate guidelines, promote scientific programs, and specific projects in the field of the activities of the Association;
  • to promote mutual relationships and collaborations among the members of the Association and institutes, societies, and organizations to which the members belong;
  • to develop projects to transfer innovation from basic research to clinical application in primary and secondary care (also through congresses, meetings, conferences, courses, printed and electronic publications, websites, on-site and distance learning, and other means that may be useful for the fulfilment of the Association’s objectives);
  • to carry out any function ascribed to the Association by the law or the public administration;
  • to involve associations of citizens and patients to disseminate the concept of healthy life and gender medicine which considers the differences between men and women with regard to diagnosis, prevention, care, and rehabilitation; and
  • to organize fundraising events to finance research, scholarships and carry out any necessary functions to promote and encourage the development of knowledge in the field of gender health and medicine through activities and events by using any applicable mean, even the collaboration, on a voluntary basis, of the Association’s members.

Article 5.
The Association shall fulfil its objectives by operating in the following manner:

  • to collaborate in harmony with the governmental organs of the countries involved with related local, communal, regional, and national Administrations, and with other organizations, institutions, foundations, and associations that pursue analogous objectives. Collaboration may also occur with super national organizations such as the European Union and other analogous European associations, and their related structures and organizations. Collaboration will occur under the auspices of specific agreements with public and private organizations;
  • to edit and publish documents in such media, to include, but not be limited to, journals, books, videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs, other paper or media and electronic means or other ad hoc technologies;
  • to encourage any other activity that may be considered useful for the attainment of the objectives described in the statute.

To reach the objectives described above, the Association can use the voluntary services of its members and the collaboration of third parties and its employees.

Article 6
To develop its activities, the Association will make use of the collaboration of the Fondazione Giovanni Lorenzini (Milan) and/or the Giovanni Lorenzini Medical Foundation (Houston, TX, USA).

Article 7 Associates
The Association membership includes Founding Members, Ordinary Members, Supporting Members, and Honorary Members.