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Working Group Coordinators
Giorgio Racagni (Milan)
Claudio Mencacci (Milan)

Giorgio Racagni (research)
Department of Pharmacological Sciences
University of Milan
Via Balzaretti 9
20133 Milan, Italy
e-mail: giorgio.racagni@unimi.it
Web: http://users.unimi.it/~spharm/isf.html

Claudio Mencacci (clinical issues)
Director Department of Mental Health
Fatebenefratelli-Oftalmico Hospital
Corso di Porta Nuova 32
20121 Milan, Italy
e-mail: cmencacci@interfree.it
Web: http://www.fbf.milano.it/newsite

Compared with men, women are at increased risk of depression, especially at several reproductive-related lifecycle points. It can be difficult to treat depressed females during adolescence, pregnancy, breast-feeding and post partum period, perimenopause and menopause.
Psychiatrists and psychopharmacologists must weigh the risks and benefits of using antidepressants to treat a depressive episode during these stages versus the alternative: no treatment and potential increase in symptomatology.
The Group, who is aware of the varying risk levels for development of depression over the lifespan, will develop a project which will offer: a deeped knowledge on the neurobiology (neurotransmitters, hormones, neurotrophic factors, etc) of gender depressive disorders (unipolar and bipolar) and information on tailored and maximally effective treatments to bring depressed female patients to remission of symptoms.