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Working Groups

The gender medicine Working Groups are constituted by national and international experts, recognized in their specific area of interest for both clinics and basic research. Working Groups’ members provide a forum for the exchange of information on how gender specifically affects the various pathologies in women and men. They are either members of the most important Scientific Societies, or act as liaison to other groups and organizations.

They contribute to the Association in many ways: highlighting the area(s) that still need improvement; write technical reviews, position statements and other publications.

All Working Groups have a coordinator who organizes the group and answers to the questions the web site readers may have.

For more information please contact:

European Society for Gender Health and Medicine
Viale Piave, 35
20129 Milan, Italy
Phone: +39-02 29006267
Fax: +39- 02 29007018
e-mail: info@gendermedicine.org

Current Working Groups are: